TopicCrystals - Tanzan Aura Quartz, Known As Indigo Quartz

  • Fri 4th Dec 2020 - 12:23pm

    Recently, God has been showing me - again - the basics of speaking His will, His Angelum Lucis  desire and His words. I am not speaking about the new-age law of attraction or the secular power of positive thinking; I am speaking about the Word of God and how we are to choose the thoughts we are to entertain and the words that flow from our hearts and out our mouths.

    A few examples:Every time I try to do it I screw it up. Instead say, "I may have failed before but I can do all things through Christ."I can't remember a thing. Say instead, "My mind is sharp and clear because I have the mind of Christ!"It just about scared me to death. Instead say, "I was scared." No need to add anything to it to get your point across!

    Since what comes out of our hearts is what is stored in there, it is crucial that we fill our hearts with what He has to say, which comes by spending time with Him and His word. He tells us clearly:An electric heater blanket can prove useful at a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, more so than at a beach house in Southern California. A spiritual interpretation of Scripture can provide healing, more so than a literal interpretation.

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